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Heather Shephard

Real Estate Agent | Saginaw, MI

Associate Broker

Heather Shephard

Heather Shephard has been a Real Estate agent since 2012 and an Associate Broker since 2021. She went to Chesaning schools before moving to Saginaw and attending both Delta Community and Saginaw Valley State University. She enjoys crochet, gardening, and renovating her house -which she is running out of projects to do, thankfully. Working with buyers has always been her preferred clients; negotiating and working on their behalf especially in the recent market is both a challenge and an
opportunity to do great work for her clients.

She has seen the bottom of the market to the top and is well-versed in trends, values, and negotiating tactics that benefit her clients, buyers, and sellers, for a seamless deal. She is the type of agent that has been known to pick up a paintbrush if an appraisal is required, hang a handrail if an
inspection called for it, and to do everything possible to make a deal work.

“I can’t imagine not doing real estate. Agents never retire and I plan to keep that anecdote factual.” Heather is quoted as saying.

What do you think of the recent market? “ This market is hard on potential buyers, increased rates and prices have priced out many would be buyers. However, there are still deals to be found and good investments to be made. I tell my clients who are feeling search fatigue that when the right home comes along, they’ll get it -and they do.” She says excitedly. 

You can find Heather oftentimes at Miles Market in The Point, an investor and doughnut.